How to Spring Clean Like a Minimalist

The onset of spring delivers the promise of new beginnings. It nudges us to reflect and ask how can we live happier, freer, and lighter. And in my experience, achieving a more fulfilling life is about not chasing more but thriving with less. As a minimalist, I definitely partake in this annual spring ritual of cleansing and clearing out. However, my spring cleaning is not restricted to my physical possessions.


Ask These Three Questions Before Buying

As minimalists, we aim to be more conscious of our possessions and purchases; not just buying less, but also buying better. Since embracing minimalism, what I own and what I buy is largely determined by beauty and functionality, craftsmanship and quality, and the ethos of the business behind the goods and services.

Recently I dropped in at ‘Fat Face’, a popular UK high street clothing store,  and came across a simple cotton blouse that was priced at £45 (about US$60).


The Two Biggest Myths of Minimalism

When you think of the word minimalism, what comes to mind? Monotone clothing? Stark white decor? Near empty spaces? Minimalism can be all of these and a lot more. It is not just a physical manifestation; it is relevant to your mental and emotional levels as well. To get the most out of minimalism, it should be looked at from a holistic perspective and not just a physical one.

Minimalism is really all about reassessing your priorities so that you can strip away the excess and nonessential stuff— the possessions,


A Meaningful Christmas


It’s that time of the year again. The time for mince pies and mulled wine, Christmas trees and mistletoes and all things nice. Amidst all the gaiety and twinkly lights, the season also brings forth a sense of dread for some; brought on by the seasonal expectations of having a ‘merry christmas’ and the consumption frenzy which has increasingly defined and eclipsed the spiritual origins of the holiday.

I’m all for the festive good cheer,


Nigel Slater serves up inspiration for simple living

Nigel Slater’s pancetta, cream and leafy greens recipe

I love food but  I’m not much into cooking. Over the years, food writer and cook Nigel Slater has not just deepened my interest in fresh, simple and declious food, but also in their selection, preparation  and appreciation. Initially, I thought it was simply due to how Nigel writes about food; like writing in a journal, or chatting to an old friend, and how he presents them so honestly and beautifully.


Being in Awe


On quite a few occasions during a recent US trip, I found myself in a state of awe. Confronted by the space, the vastness, by nature in various forms shaped by the longest time and the greatest powers, one can’t help but feel small and humbled.

Being in awe allows a sense of insignificance and fatality to emerge, set in and be acknowledged. These are rare occurances, at least for myself.


A Roadmap to Living Well With Less

Winding Road

The abundance many of us enjoy in the world today has not increased our level of happiness and fulfilment. In fact, for some of us, we are less happy than the generations before us despite having more. If being more, having more and doing more are not delivering the happiness we desire, perhaps embracing less in order to live more is a viable option.

A minimalist life is about focusing on what’s truly important and that adds value to our life,


5 Ways to Simplify Your Life in the New Year

Path to the beach

After the exuberance and excess of the festive season, the arrival of the New Year tends to imbue a sense of moderation and reflection amongst many. The promise of new beginnings and fresh starts provides the impetus to reflect and ask how can we be happier, freer, more fulfilled. The achievement of these and more are usually not done through being and having more, but rather with less. As we strip away the excess and clutter,


A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

Alone in the City

So what is a minimalist life like? Is it any different from the life of one who is not? I guess the answer is yes and no. Being a minimalist does not exempt one from the ups and downs of daily life. What minimalism does is provide us with a set of beliefs, values and habits to facilitate more intentional living and make more conscious decisions- with the aim of making our lives happier,


Stop tolerating and start living

Bird Flight on Sea

The word ‘tolerance’ just crossed my mind today and I could not stop thinking about it. Simply because like many, I think I spend a less than healthy chunk of my life tolerating instead of living. I am referring to the word defined as  ‘the act of capacity of enduring’ rather than the other that describes ‘a fair, objective and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs and practices that differ from one’s own.’