Every little thing that you think you need


I think this song by Peter Doran is great for those moments when we think and ask ourselves: ‘do I need this?’, ‘do I want this?’, ‘should I buy this?’….

Every Little Thing’ Lyrics

Every little thing, you think that you need
Every little thing, you think that you need
Every little thing that’s just feeding your greed
Oh, I bet that you’d be fine without it

Every little thing that you’ve gotta have
Every little thing that you’ve gotta have
That you’ve got to reach for and you’ve got to grab


Nothing quite like a real book but…


Being a bookseller and book lover, I get quite a lot of apologetic looks and ‘ I’m sorry I’m going to talk about e-books and kindles’ or ‘I’m sorry but I love the Kindle!’ type of comments from family and friends. I want to tell them: ‘Don’t be sorry, you have nothing to apologise for. Bring on the e-books and Kindles!.’

You see, even as I love physical books and brick and mortar bookshops,


Spring clean


Spring has officially arrived though that is rather hard to believe with the weather staying cold and snowy in the UK. That aside, the arrival of spring is worth celebrating with its connotations of new life and fresh beginnings.  To me, that means getting a new burst of energy to review my life and belongings with a view to simplify in order to optimize. Makes sense? Not sure? Then read on.


Shiny new toys


I’m typing this post on my brand new MacBook Air. Yes, I spent money and bought something.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new laptop for a little while- I’ve been mulling a lot over it. My old laptop is a MacBook in white- they don’t do those anymore- about five years old and a little slow at times but still working well most of the time. In a nutshell,


What I gain from living simply and minimally


Living simply and minimally allows me to be rid of excess and focus on what’s important and valued in my life- giving me more happiness, purpose, fulfillment and freedom. It’s not just about decluttering- that’s just a means to an end. Simple living has enabled MORE of the the following positive things to come into my life:


Embarking on the simple living and minimalist journey has given me the calm and space- both within and without myself- to experience peace and mindfulness and be more in tune with myself.