The concept of minimalism is appealing on so many levels, but it can be difficult to put into practice. Although many aspire to a simpler way of living, the majority do not know where to start. Even those who have already made inroads on their minimalist journey can sometimes use some fresh ideas and inspiration going forward.

In addition to my coaching and courses, I also write books related to minimalism and simple living, designed to help, to support and to enthuse. I want to help you to live well with less, and invite you to enjoy my latest book yourself to educate and inspire positive change.

A Minimalist’s Guide to the Good and the Extraordinary

by Regina Wong

This book is the perfect place to start your minimalist lifestyle journey. Here I cover what a minimalist lifestyle entails and its transformational benefits, as well as the decluttering of your physical, mental and emotional space to make space for the good to come into your life. You can also gain insight into holistic wellbeing, empowering activities and relationships, as well as minimalist budgeting for a happier, freer and more meaningful life.

If you desire less unhappiness and stress, more simplicity, joy, purpose and the choice to craft an extraordinary lifestyle, this book is for you. Even seasoned minimalists will find new perspectives and inspiration here, so get your copy today.


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If you want less stuff, more experiences, and more happiness, you need to make space. Follow the advice of leading London minimalist Regina Wong and you'll not only get rid of stuff; you'll also make the space to live a happier life. A worthy addition to the growing canon of books on minimalism and decluttering. - JAMES WALLMAN, AUTHOR OF STUFFOCATION: WHY WE'VE HAD ENOUGH OF STUFF AND NEED EXPERIENCE MORE THAN EVER

Regina Wong is a fine ambassador for minimalism. Thoughtful, self-deprecating and pragmatic, she shows us how to thrive with less. If you want to simplify and streamline your life, then make space for Make Space on your bookshelf! - CARL HONORÉ, AUTHOR OF IN PRAISE OF SLOWNESS: CHALLENGING THE CULT OF SPEED

A minimalist guide to minimalism great inspiration and wonderful to have. ― Make Space is a quick and easy read which encourages the reader to extend ideas of ‘Living with Less’ beyond ‘Stuff’ to consider virtual clutter, the over proliferation of virtual ‘friends’, finances, and all aspects of how we live to encourage a simpler and easier lifestyle. - ISABEL LOSADA, AUTHOR OF THE BATTERSEA PARK ROAD TO ENLIGHTENMENT

Make Space promotes minimalism as a way to fend off 'stuffocation' and be happier and more productive. - PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


I really didn't know what to expect from reading this book. At first I wasn't sure if it was a simple book on de cluttering your home, or if it was about setting up a new home in a minimalist style.

On reading the first few pages, I discovered this book was an interesting mix of practical de cluttering suggestions for getting rid of a lot of your physical stuff that you hang on to for no good reason, but also a way to change your mindset to think in a minimalistic way. It is one thing to go through your home and de clutter to make yourself feel good, but another thing entirely to change your thinking about buying 'new stuff'.

I use the 'one-in-one-out' method for my wardrobe where if I buy a new piece of clothing, another is taken out and given to charity. But after reading Regina's book, she has made me think along the lines of 'do I actually need to buy this new top when I have 3 more perfectly good ones in the wardrobe'. She also made me question why I thought it important to buy something – anything, when out shopping with friends. Why not just enjoy their company, share a coffee or some lunch, chat and have fun, but don't feel like you 'have' to buy something to take home for the sake of it.

I also like the way Regina makes you take a step back to look at your life. She is suggesting not only shedding physical clutter, but also our internal clutter too, such as our bad habits, our need to be busy all the time, our emotional stress triggers, and generally de cluttering our approach to life to make it far more enjoyable.

Taking time out for yourself is important, and even taking 5 minutes to detach yourself from the TV, laptop, mobile phone - and even other people, to appreciate the silence and stillness. This is living a minimalist life-style where you learn to appreciate everything, even if it is absolutely nothing!

There is so much more you can take from this book than to simply learn how to live with less in your home. You can learn how to live with less in your head too - and make it a calm and peaceful place to be. - MICHELLE N.


When I purchased this book I had done a lot of research before doing so. I was on a mission to find a book that could help me physically, mentally and emotionally. Although this book only had one review to help me in my bid for a book to cleanse me of my past and a bad break up I am really glad that I chose this one.

Regina writes in such a way to make me think about everything, why you do the things you do, why did you buy that? Why did you agree to do something that you know you are going to hate? Why are you working yourself to death hating your job? Everything that makes you unhappy but feel obliged that you have to do and how to change it to the way you want it to make you 100% happy.

After a bad break up, as a 42 year old female I was on Regina’s wave length right from the start, I wanted to declutter and clear out not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well, I needed a fresh start big time and this book so did that for me. I’ve only read it once so far and I think it’s one of those books I’ll always need to read to remind myself of what Regina did teach me in her book but as it’s electronic it will always be there thankfully.

It is extremely hard to put into practice what she teaches I’m not going to lie, and probably haven’t carried out everything fully yet but I’ve certainly made a good start and in just a few weeks I feel so much better, my surroundings now make me happy again, the clothes I wear are a reflection of me now not somebody I’m trying to be.

Overall my research before I bought a book that was going to change me forever was duly rewarded and I chose wisely. It’s a great read, well written and Regina comes over in her book as if she knows you individually, how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it that’s how good this book is. Very good value for money well worth the investment for the value of a fuller and enriched life it gives you. - JOHANNA D.