To idle is good


When asked who I am and what I do, I usually respond with: ‘I’m an inspired idler.’ This usually elicits three types of reactions in general: mild disdain (here’s another loafer with little ambition), awkwardness (she’s not ‘normal’…most of us are too busy slaving away to earn a living….she’s probably inherited money or won the lottery) and curiosity with a tinges of envy and admiration (I’ll like to be one too..tell me more!).


What I’m happy to give up for freedom

This goldfish picture has always resonated with me since I first came across it many years ago. The simple yet powerful imagery embraces themes like ‘being free’; ‘breaking away to find one’s own path’; ‘pursuing one’s dreams’; ‘seeking a new world’; ‘in pursuit of solitude’; ‘being brave…or being stupid?’…and the list goes on . You get the drift.

It has been a year since I flew out of the corporate cage and left cubicle nation behind.


Top 10 Books on Simplicity and Minimalism


Books have been a key motivator and resource in my journey towards simplicity and minimalism. I did not have any mentors or friends who were on a similar journey and these books and their  authors provided inspiration and connections to ideas and like-minded people. Below are ten of my favourite books on simplicity and minimalism- the list is certainly not exhaustive as I’ve read many more good books on the subject.


Every little thing that you think you need


I think this song by Peter Doran is great for those moments when we think and ask ourselves: ‘do I need this?’, ‘do I want this?’, ‘should I buy this?’….

Every Little Thing’ Lyrics

Every little thing, you think that you need
Every little thing, you think that you need
Every little thing that’s just feeding your greed
Oh, I bet that you’d be fine without it

Every little thing that you’ve gotta have
Every little thing that you’ve gotta have
That you’ve got to reach for and you’ve got to grab


Who am I and what do I do?


These two questions are simple and commonly asked but behind their harmless facade lies an expansive area of identity and status definition, comparison and anchoring.

When you first meet someone, one of the questions is likely to be, ‘What do you do?.’ Behind this simple question lies a minefield of complexity and many of us (myself included) would tend to fall back on using our day job/profession/vocation as an answer,


What if money was no object?


What would one do if money was no object?  I think this is a very powerful question. It strips away our fears, doubts, uncertainty, inhibitions…it frees us in many ways and most importantly, it frees us up to dream…to pursue our life’s passion…to live.

There were many times I wished I had known the things I know now when I was younger; my life would have been different,


More spring clean


There is no optimal time and season for simplifying your life and belongings – when the urge hits you and you are ready to make a new start- that is the right time and you should grab the impetus by the horns and ride with it. That is what I call an inspired action. Unlike a job or chore one has to do, an inspired action is defined by positivity,


Spring clean


Spring has officially arrived though that is rather hard to believe with the weather staying cold and snowy in the UK. That aside, the arrival of spring is worth celebrating with its connotations of new life and fresh beginnings.  To me, that means getting a new burst of energy to review my life and belongings with a view to simplify in order to optimize. Makes sense? Not sure? Then read on.


Little things that make a big difference to my day

photo-1445883791079-421522d11f18I do lots of things every day- some are recurring, some habitual, some usual and others are one-offs. However, there are a few things that I try to do everyday and make a habit of. They are not major stuff (though I would like to think they are) but they have a significant impact on my day.

The first thing I do when I wake up and open my eyes is to close it again- for my five minute visualization and gratitude exercise.


New year new directions


The start of a new year inspires many to make new resolutions, new goals, new ideas, new relationships etc. It’s a new year and we all want it to better the last; we want to be happier, healthier, wealthier- we all want to be a better person. I am no different.

Like many, I used to write down a list of things I wanted to achieve in the year ahead: I want to be happier (but what will make me happier?),