The Two Biggest Myths of Minimalism

When you think of the word minimalism, what comes to mind? Monotone clothing? Stark white decor? Near empty spaces? Minimalism can be all of these and a lot more. It is not just a physical manifestation; it is relevant to your mental and emotional levels as well. To get the most out of minimalism, it should be looked at from a holistic perspective and not just a physical one.

Minimalism is really all about reassessing your priorities so that you can strip away the excess and nonessential stuff— the possessions,


Nigel Slater serves up inspiration for simple living

Nigel Slater’s pancetta, cream and leafy greens recipe

I love food but  I’m not much into cooking. Over the years, food writer and cook Nigel Slater has not just deepened my interest in fresh, simple and declious food, but also in their selection, preparation  and appreciation. Initially, I thought it was simply due to how Nigel writes about food; like writing in a journal, or chatting to an old friend, and how he presents them so honestly and beautifully.


A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

Alone in the City

So what is a minimalist life like? Is it any different from the life of one who is not? I guess the answer is yes and no. Being a minimalist does not exempt one from the ups and downs of daily life. What minimalism does is provide us with a set of beliefs, values and habits to facilitate more intentional living and make more conscious decisions- with the aim of making our lives happier,


Change your world through good news


If I was a Martian and I landed on Earth and picked up a newspaper, I would think I have landed in a place somewhat resembling hell. Terrorist attacks, gun shootings, beheadings, potential collapse of a country’s financial system…the bad news just keep coming. And they keep coming because bad news sells. Let’s be honest about this, many of us derive voyeuristic pleasure  from bad news as long as it’s not happening to us or to our loved ones-  it makes us feel fortunate and to count our blessings.


Top 10 Books on Simplicity and Minimalism


Books have been a key motivator and resource in my journey towards simplicity and minimalism. I did not have any mentors or friends who were on a similar journey and these books and their  authors provided inspiration and connections to ideas and like-minded people. Below are ten of my favourite books on simplicity and minimalism- the list is certainly not exhaustive as I’ve read many more good books on the subject.


I am a Minimalist

Hut in the Valley

This is how I have started to describe myself when asked who I am and what I do; amongst other descriptions which I have been using such as inspired idler, passionate business owner, discerning bookseller etc. I could also say I’m into simplicity and simple living which has overlaps with minimalism and minimalist living but ‘being a minimalist’ conveys who I am and what I am striving for accurately and sufficiently for now.