The essence of Christmas


Love it or hate it- it’s that time of the year again. And unless one buries oneself in the most remote parts of the world, it’s hard to get away from it all. So we just have to try our best to get through it and hopefully enjoy it and make it meaningful.

Christmas has always, with the exception of a few years, brought up mixed emotions in me.


What I gain from living simply and minimally


Living simply and minimally allows me to be rid of excess and focus on what’s important and valued in my life- giving me more happiness, purpose, fulfillment and freedom. It’s not just about decluttering- that’s just a means to an end. Simple living has enabled MORE of the the following positive things to come into my life:


Embarking on the simple living and minimalist journey has given me the calm and space- both within and without myself- to experience peace and mindfulness and be more in tune with myself.


Questioning our stuff

Our Things

We buy stuff, we get given stuff, we own stuff and we get used to stuff. Many of us derive a sense of comfort (and even warmth), identity and status from what we own. Our stuff are not us and we are not our stuff- we are much more than that. Having the biggest house that we can afford does not mean we are happy and rich- for many it spells debt,


Big or small…just take that first step


Reviewing and simplifying one’s life seems like a daunting task even on a good day. Just thinking about doing it make most people tired; they imagine going through that ton of stuff accumulated and they think ‘not now’ or ‘too tired’ or ‘let’s wait till summer’. The excuse list one conjures up sitting in an armchair can be endless and very convincing. Very few get past the thinking and wanting and get on to the doing.


I am a Minimalist

Hut in the Valley

This is how I have started to describe myself when asked who I am and what I do; amongst other descriptions which I have been using such as inspired idler, passionate business owner, discerning bookseller etc. I could also say I’m into simplicity and simple living which has overlaps with minimalism and minimalist living but ‘being a minimalist’ conveys who I am and what I am striving for accurately and sufficiently for now.


I think this was how it all started

Cherry Blossoms

I was walking down Columbia Road (London’s Flower Market) one Sunday about two years ago when I caught sight of a wooden board hanging in shop that stopped me in my tracks. It was a reclaimed wooden board printed with William Morris’ quote:

goldfish jumping out of the water

It spoke to me so intimately and resonated with me so strongly that I knew it must have connected with something deep within me.