The sweet spot between too little and too much


With the start of the year, I have continued with my practice of not having specific goals in mind. Instead, I will advance in the direction of where I would like to be and in the process, arrive at situations where I can derive happiness, fulfilment and inspiration. I can say as of now, I am quite happy and contented to be where I am. Quite.

Happiness is a place between too little and too much – Finnish proverb

Simplifying and decluttering and living a minimalist life is not guaranteed to deliver happiness. We can throw all our stuff away and still feel no happier; instead we might end up even more miserable. You see, happiness is not about having too little or too much; it is not about deprivation or stuffocation– it is finding that sweet spot in between that is both personal and unmeasurable through the exercise of moderation.

Though I am headed in my desired  direction, there were inevitably times along the journey when I have intentionally or unintentionally, lost or gained in excess both physical stuff and non-tangible assets. It was during these occasions and times of realization that my joy got coloured with discontent and my abundance came with a tinges of lack.

It has been nearly six months since I sold my home and during this period of living in a rented property and looking for my next home, I realised, even more than before, how important  having my own home and property was to my happiness and contentment. Home ownership doesn’t just add greatly to my happiness and contentment; in my case it is also a wise financial decision in a place like London.

The sense of loss hit home hardest during the festive season. It has been our tradition to buy a duck from Borough Market and roast it for our Christmas dinner. I just wasn’t in a mood for festive celebrations and feasting in the Christmas that’s just past. I was missing ‘home’; a place where I feel nice and comfortable and where I enjoy pottering around and cooking meals in my cosy kitchen. I gained much from selling my property but have also lost a place I can call ‘home’. So hopefully this year, I would be able to find a place that can be Home.

I revel in being an Inspired Idler. I love that sense of freedom in having no one to report to except myself; not having to do anything except whatever takes my interest and fancy. Most of all, I love having time, quite a bit of it, to do as I pleased. Recently however, I began to get up later in the mornings as there was not much to get me out of bed for, I found that some days can drag on and on, there were times when I didn’t feel like staying home and there was nowhere I particularly wanted to go to. I could sense emptiness and drudgery beginning to make furtive inroads into my life. I realised I have too much ‘free’ time- time with no particular purpose or intention. That’s not inspired idling- that’s just idling and wasting time. I was having too much of a good thing and not channeling it in the most optimal and useful way.

Happiness is only one part of being successful; the other parts are growth and contribution. I can be growing more and contributing better. In other words, I need a renewed purpose to make my days more intentional and meaningful. Apart from my dream home, that’s what I’ll be searching for in the year ahead. Exciting!



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  1. What a very honest post you have written here. I wish you the best of luck in finding a wonderful new home, and in finding fulfilling things to do. I am sure all will be well!

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