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If I was a Martian and I landed on Earth and picked up a newspaper, I would think I have landed in a place somewhat resembling hell. Terrorist attacks, gun shootings, beheadings, potential collapse of a country’s financial system…the bad news just keep coming. And they keep coming because bad news sells. Let’s be honest about this, many of us derive voyeuristic pleasure  from bad news as long as it’s not happening to us or to our loved ones-  it makes us feel fortunate and to count our blessings. But did you notice that sense of negativity, dread and even sadness that seeps in after that initial ‘adrenalin rush’ after digesting the gloom and doom? You might not notice it at first but over time, the cloud of negativity will seep deeper and start invading your senses and colouring the view of your life and the world around you. You might start feeling your life is not as good as it is, people are mostly evil and untrustworthy and the world around us is falling into bits.

So when I started simplifying my life and looking at what adds value and what doesn’t, the news was the first to go. It mostly makes me feel crap about the world around me and just feeds negativity into my energy and my life. As a believer of positive energy and like attracts like- bad news was a big no.

However, I’m also aware that oblivion can be bliss, but can also breed ignorance. So I have since derived a way of skimming the headlines and being roughly aware of what is going on without being sucked into the spiral of doom and gloom. More importantly, I have decided to curate the type and nature of news I get exposed to and that these news are either positive and or informative. With these slight changes in news consumption, I see more beauty, kindness and inspiration in people and the world around me.  And that’s positive!

Let’s change the news for good

I’ve recently came across the news website called Positive News. It offers an alternative way of how we can view the events around us by focusing on innovation, kindness, co-operation and the ways people are working to create solutions to the problems facing society. I think this project is worthy of support  and encouragement it is that rare beacon of light in a field of darkness and gloom.


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  1. You are absolutely right. We need network that gathers positive news, show that this world has hope, that not everyone is evil. I believe kindness is like a ripple effect, one good drop and it will keep spreading bigger and bigger.

  2. Thanks so much for the heads up about Positive News. I too have recently changed my news consumption. All the doom and gloom wasn’t doing anything for me and I wasn’t getting informed either. TV news was the first to go. Sometimes I feel like I am in a bubble and that there definitely is a risk of ignorance creeping in. However, I am fully informed of the things that really matter to me most – my friends and family. Local things tend to have the most impact on my everyday life and our free local newspapers are pretty good, as is our community Facebook group, at keeping in touch with issues and happenings – both good and bad.

  3. My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I might as well check things out.

    I like what I see so now i’m following you.

    Look forward to looking at your web page again.