Good things turn up when you’re not looking for it


I have always loved the word ‘Serendipity’- a joyful confluence of unexpected but desirable outcomes and good luck. In my previous post, I shared how I was on a long holiday and how I was (desperately) seeking inspiration for new ideas and ventures. That was till I learned how to go with the flow of the Universe, to just be and the things you were seeking (and maybe more) will come along when the time is right. I think when you are in tune with how things work, you allow things to work the way they need to. That’s when serendipity occurs and the good and/or right  things turn up when you are not looking for it.

I was on the final days of my trip and met up with some old friends for dinner. One of them is now a distributor for a leading brand of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. She was led to it serendipitously herself; her son was a rather sickly child and these essential oils helped him regain his health. I was never much into essential oils apart from the odd bottle here and there to perfume the space and make the massage oil smell nice. Anyway, our conversation turned to the topic of abundance, luck and money ( they all happen to be on my list of favourite words) and she said, ‘Do you know there’s an oil for abundance?’ To cut a long story short, I bought a bottle of Abundance and my dear friend also gave me a bag of free oil samples for my partner who suffers from a chronic illness. No harm trying!

I was expecting to suffer terribly from post-holiday blues and wallow in abject misery. Well, I was not too happy about being home but overall I was feeling better than I should be. I believed that inhaling and diffusing my bottle of Abundance supported me emotionally through the first two weeks. I also become preoccupied with learning more about essential oils, leaving me less time to bemoan the absence of sunshine and ocean views in London. I bought a few more oils and tried them out. I sprained my foot while away and numerous foot massages did little to help it; but the oils mended it in a few days. I suffered from a premature case of long-sightedness and a week ago, while reading, I realized I was holding the book at a normal distance and not a mile away. I was cured and I became a convert; bolstered by the positive benefits and experiences of the essential oils for myself and my partner.

I feel inspired by the benefits of these oils and to my own surprise, I really do enjoy learning about them and using them. There are three key things about these essentlal oils that resonated with me and aligned with my values. Essential oils are a natural way to remedy the physical, mental and emotional imbalances and illnesses we suffer from in the course of our lives. They help promote wellness, which is harmony between the body, mind and spirit. It was through knowing and interacting with people who suffer from various ailments that I truly realize how important good health is and that things that I take for granted, like a good night’s sleep, can be so elusive to many insomniacs, with debilitating effect on their overall quality of life. As I have been helped, I would like others to be helped too and by wanting to share these oils, I was given a sense of purpose. Through sharing these oils, I also get the opportunity of gaining an income stream and generating abundance. All the boxes for an inspired venture were ticked and Providence Oils was born.

That was how I found my latest inspired venture; it came later than I had hoped and it wasn’t what I had expected. It wasn’t even on my list of ‘potentials’. But such is life, if you allow serendipity to work its magic, you might be pleasantly surprised!


You’re my serendipity.

I wasn’t looking for you.

I wasn’t expecting you.

But I’m very lucky I met you.



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