Ode to Oval


Finally, I did it…a month ago today.  This poem is a gift to my beloved home in south London; thank you and goodbye.


Located in the Oval is my beloved 2 bedroom flat, near Kennington, Brixton, Clapham and Vauxhall is where it is at
It was the year 2005 when I moved in in the month of May, to my lovely home near Kennington Bookshop, Happy Shopper General Store and Malinka Polish Cafe
Though my dear flat was shabby when I first moved in, I refurbished every room and was excited for my journey there to begin
New doors, white walls, and cherry wood on the floor, a new kitchen and bathroom filled with wonderful decor
Lots of natural light, plenty of space, and the ceilings were high, as I sat in the reception room watching people, seasons, and the years go by
Conveniently located close to The National Gallery, Chinatown, and the bus route 159, my favourite bus route that took me to all my favourite hangouts and eateries to dine
The Lucky Fish Bar for Chinese and The Coriander for Indian food, and the Oval’s Farmers’ Market or the Cable Cafe Bar’s Tuesday night ‘live’ jazz, if you’re in the mood
Only minutes away from Charing Cross where I loved to visit Foyles Books and Cafe, such a great place to unwind and relax on any given day
Blissetts Hardware Store and Di Lieto Italian Cafe and Bakery, these are just a couple of local spots where almost everyone knew me
Such a lovely area to live in with great local attractions and nice people to meet, thanks to my flat, I was able to have a front row seat
But my dear flat is now sold after nine years of precious memories, I have packed up, said goodbye, and the new owner has the keys
I gave a thorough final cleaning to this home where I used to dwell, said goodbye to each and every room, closed the blue door and bid it farewell
It was so sad to have to let such a great place go but I knew our journey wouldn’t be forever when it started years ago
I will never forget you, my beloved flat and I am thankful for all my time there, but I am ready to move on and embark on my new journey elsewhere
Though I have gained a fortune, I lost my home of almost a decade, the first place I owned, the place in which I stayed
You were truly my first love and I will always carry that load, so this is for you Oval, this is my ode.




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  1. Life is a series of beginnings and endings. Acceptance is growth. Wishing you adventure and happiness on your new beginning!